It is Lajeunesse Residence, a bright residence located in Montreal Quebec. This house completed in 2013 by naturehumaine. According to the architect, they were hired by a young couple to renovate their homes with complete. It house built by their grandfather , which is now occupied by the third generation . The young couple want to combine two existing apartments into two levels single family house. The request of young couples is that the architect create something modern and bright . Because in front of the house is a noisy highway , the main living space is placed at the rear , facing north , creating a challenge to bring the direct sunlight into the room . A double height features a skylight , helping to illuminate the room .

On the ground floor , a wall of translucent sliding panels protect the living spaces from unwanted gazes from the road , as well as acting as a front room in the winter . The first level of house accommodate living area and dining kitchen in open plan layout. A plywood handrail wrap around stairs and folds at the base becoming a long bench in the dining area. Two intersecting steel bars are suspended above the dining table , acting as both sculpture elements and the direct and indirect lighting for the dining area. A simple pallet unifies the custom furniture around the house; folded steel plates, white wooden shelves, and Russian plywood. A play of angled white steel tubes supports the dining table, the kitchen island, and a glass handrail. The final result is humble and cosy, with each object falling naturally into place.