The Lambretta Chair By Jim Plester : A Hand Crafted Chair Inspired By Line of Motor Scooter

In the post bellow is intriguing chair called Lambretta Chair, manufactured by Iconic Design. Lambretta was designed by Jim Plester. When designing this chair, the designer was inspired by Lambretta, a famous line of motor scooters in Milan. Each chair is based on one of the 20 models of Lambrettas produced from 1957 to 1971; this includes the Li, TV, SX & DL/GP models.Each of Lambretta Chair is made from traditional scooter spares, including the leg shields, horn casting, badges and trim. The bodywork’s color can be based on the original Lambretta colors, or can be more contemporary depending on the client’s need.

The Lambretta Chair is hand crafted chair, with retro inspiration. The attention does not stop at just the bodywork. Seat upholstery is made of 100% leather and can be colored, although the black color is the standard color. Each chair is finished with a leather wrapped well and double stitched. The upper of lumber panel is embroidered with Lambretta logo. A quality seat mechanism, which are used, making the seats can rotate fully, tlit, and adjust the height. All of this installed in a polished aluminum base, with designer castor wheels enhance the unique appearance of Lambretta Chair.

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