The Andrew Road House By A D Lab : A Modern House In Uneven Terrain And Close To Busy Highway in Singapore

In the post below is Andrew Road House designed by A D Lab. This house located in the Caldecott region of cantral Singapore. The house is in modern design and located in uneven terrain and close to busy highway. This case presents quite a few challenges. According to the architects : Environment with undulating terrain is a common thing in Singapore, and creating a trunk road which grooves ground beneath the road surface. Each house along the way, has a main entrance on the second floor. The architects took advantage of this unusual situation to lower most of the communal facilities, down to the sunken protect them from highway noise. It also automatically increase the level of privacy of residents.

The Andrew Road House has an undulating roofs that create an attractive shapes. Each of these different viewpoints, revealing a new perspective. When you get into this house, you will be greeted with the elegance of a space wrapped by the brightness and modern luxury. All interiors are connected to the central courtyard, where residents can relax. This home also features a gorgeous swimming pool. Apart from being an essential recreation and gorgeous features, this pool has the ability to cool the atmosphere during the summer.

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