A Warm of Wood In The Entire of Minimalist San Francisco Loft

The following is San Francisco Loft, a minimalist loft located in San Francisco, California, USA. This loft was designed by LINEOFFICE Architecture. According to the architects : “An interior renovation of a 1,200 SF loft in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The new elements were designed to complement and set-off the existing doug-fir columns, beams and ceiling without overpowering the space.”

The loft concist of two areas, with open plan design. The ground floor accommodates a living area, dining area and kitchen. The other lever is used for private spaces. The interior is rich of wood, such on it ceiling, flooring, pillars and several furniture. All the rooms in the house offers a coziness in the spacious space. The dining area is stylish, equipped with glass dining table, wooden dining chairs, chic pendant light and a painting mounted on the wall. The kitchen is the heart of the loft, equipped with elegant kitchen island, grey cabinet, wooden overhead cabinet and modern kitchen appliances. A wooden staircase leading to the bedroom, contains a cozy bed, wooden cabinet and grey chair. The wood materials are use and adorn the entire of the house, create a warm and peaceful environment.

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